Lanthio Pharma appoints Bart Wuurman as CEO

December 01, 2011 / 7:30 am, CET

Lanthio Pharma B.V., the Dutch peptide drug, announced today that it has appointed Bart Wuurman as CEO.

Bart Wuurman, PharmD, is an accomplished biotech executive, with strong experience in strategic leadership, fundraising, business development and general management. He brings 23 years of international industry experience with innovative R&D driven life sciences companies. He has broad experience ranging from drug discovery technology to Phase II clinical development, for biologicals and small molecules. In his previous roles he was instrumental in raising €43m financing and to closing licensing deals worth over $700m in potential milestone payments. Previous appointments include; Organon, Medeva, Antisoma, De Novo Pharmaceuticals and most recently, AM-Pharma. Bart also holds non-executive director positions in several companies.

Wil Hazenberg, Partner at BioGeneration Ventures commented: We are very pleased to have found a CEO for Lanthio Pharma with the caliber of Bart Wuurman. He brings the experience and drive to take the company to the next level.

Bart Wuurman, CEO of Lanthio Pharma commented: The scientists at Lanthio Pharma have worked for ten years to establish a stable peptide drug discovery technology that can make peptides an attractive class of drug, addressing a target space where small molecules or larger biologicals are not an option. I am excited to help Lanthio Pharma to use its technology to build a high value pipeline of peptide drugs.

About Lanthio Pharma
Lanthio Pharma is a privately held drug discovery company that applies its proprietary Lactococcus lactis based lanthionine-peptide drug discovery (LanthioPep®) technology to discover peptide therapeutics with increased resistance to peptidase degradation, high receptor specificity and increased intrinsic activity.

Lanthio Pharma has generated stable, peptidase-resistant lanthionine peptides with highly specific agonistic activity for a number of GPCR targets, which is a focus area of the company. Many peptide ligands are thought to bind to their GPCR receptors via a “turn motif”, which can be stabilized in Lanthio Pharma’s peptides with a strong thioether bond. Fixing the turn motif in its optimal receptor binding conformation can result in potent and specific agonistic receptor activation.

The technology also includes a proprietary bacterial display library capability, which allows for the construction of focused or randomized libraries of up to 107 lanthionine-peptides. These libraries allow for immediate functional screening and easy production of peptides of interest for further in-vivo and in-vitro testing.

Lanthio Pharma’s pipeline currently includes three products. A lanthionine-stabilized Angiotensin agonistic peptide with strong specificity for the MAS receptor, in development for acute lung injury; a lanthionine-stabilized specific agonist of the AT2 receptor, which has great potential in diseases where tissue protection is important and a stabilized version of GLP-1.

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