Lanthio Pharma receives Eurostars grant

May 06, 2012 / 7:30 am, CEST

Lanthio Pharma B.V., the Dutch peptide drug discovery company, announced today that it has been awarded a Eurostars grant of €180,000. A project proposal of Lanthio Pharma for the European “Eurostars” grant scheme was ranked as number 1 of 293 proposals in Brussels and was subsequently granted. The project concerns a 2.5 year collaboration of Lanthio Pharma with the Institute of Pharmaceutical Biology, University of Bonn.

Early value generation of lanthionine-stabilized peptides acting via GPCRs

The project concerns the activity and specificity testing of Lanthio Pharma’s lanthionine-stabilized therapeutic peptides in human cells via Dynamic Mass Redistribution (DMR) by Prof. Kostenis in Bonn, who is world leader in the field of pathway-specific DMR with breakthrough publications in Nature Biotechnology and Nature Protocols. She has extensive industrial experience concerning GPCR ligands and an important industrial network.

DMR uses a specific light beam which is sent through cultured human cells. When a peptide binds to a receptor, a signal is transmitted which leads to migration of light-responsive molecules. This molecular redistribution reflects which receptor pathway is activated. This can be used to study which receptor(s) a lanthionine-peptide activates and how effectively. This is important since the lanthionine-stabilization may modulate the receptor specificity and may yield either variants with reduced or unwanted activity or optimal variants with enhanced activity and enhanced specificity. DMR has important advantages:

  1. Use of human cells, precluding errors due to differences between man and animal,
  2. Label free, precluding artifacts due to labeling,
  3. Measurements in real-time, precluding wrong interpretation of indirect effects.
  4. Optimal picture of receptor specificity since multiple receptor-pathways in the cells are simultaneously monitored.
  5. Reduction of the dependence on animal experiments by more effective pre-in vivo lead selection.

Taken together this collaboration will yield early value to Lanthio Pharma’s lanthionine- peptide drug discovery projects.